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The Opulent Enchantment

The Opulent Enchantment


Well, this is heaven in an opulent bowl.  Really.  Trust us--

Enchanted is the most popular of the three signature fragrances that we've created.  Simply put, it is heaven on earth.  We guarantee this beloved gift will never be forgotten!

Includes the spectacular and lush Enchanted Posy--a garden inspired bouquet that tells a beautiful story in the language of flowers.  The flowers, their scent, and their meanings and sentiments make this posy a very special one because the message is deeply enchanting.  And the body and home products included in the enchanted scent; essential oils candle, body & linen spray, essential oils goat's milk lotion, essential oils bath bomb, and the ever popular goat's milk and essential bath soap.  

All this lusciousness set inside a brushed gold metal footed compote bowl, which can be re-purposed for so many things!

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