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Glorious Gardenia

Glorious Gardenia


There is simply no other fragrance that can compare to the Gardenia.  Here we have skillfully arranged 20 stems of this glorious bloom, set into a glass illusion vase.  It does not get much better than this! 

PLEASE READ:  Gardenia is available from our grower weekly, however, due to the sensitivity of the crop, sometimes we cannot fill our orders.  This is rare, but sometimes we would need to fill your order with alternative designs.   We will always let you know if we must do this!

**Because of their formation, fragrance, and exotic scent, gardenia has the shortest vase life of cut flowers.  They will last 3-4, possibly 5 days with the correct care and placement.  A special care card is included with the arrangement.  Gardenia are the true ephemeral luxury!

Approximately 15" h x 15" wide

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