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Bonny Doon Garden Company closes it's doors

Since 1999, we have relished our work, from the very small beginnings all the way to the top of our game--the leaders in sustainable flowers, locally grown goodness.  It wasn't always easy in the beginning to find local flowers, but we began our business on that principle--local and sustainable.  

It all started in the garden back in 1999, and that's where it's ending.  Back to the garden, and on to other exciting adventures. Notably, our founder Teresa H Sabankaya's endeavors into authoring her first book, The Posy Book,  based on the language of flowers and modern nosegays call posies.  Her Signature Posies are available over on her website, and available to nationwide shipping.  Her gorgeous garden-style bouquets that tell a story in the language of flowers are rising in popularity and can even be sent as a kit for the recipient to put together themselves.  And now on to her second book set to publish in 2023, Gifts from the Garden, which will dive deeper into floriography and explore gardening with the idea of floral symbolism in mind.

So in many ways it's not a good-bye, but a hope that you'll still follow along with Teresa's offerings and platforms on social media.  We sure hope you do!  

Thank you for your many years of floral loyalty, and always be blooming!



A little about our team

Teresa Sabankaya, founder + owner + creative director

Teresa founded Bonny Doon Garden Company in 1999.  Her floral design principles are driven by the aesthetic beauty of a well-designed garden.  She finds inspiration rivers, vineyards, meadows, woodlands, and of course, her very own garden. 

It all begins in the garden where she cultivates flowers, herbs, and foliage along with accents of vines, berries & seed pods.  Floral designs graced with these natural elements are what she loves delivering to you, whether you’re looking for a fresh seasonal arrangement for delivery, or planning a wedding, or hosting a party.

Teresa's most recent endeavor is The Posy Book--garden bouquets that tell a story.  In the book, Teresa provides inspiration and ideas on how you can incorporate the language of flowers into your gift giving, weddings, birthdays, or just about any milestone or occasion in your life.  The Posy Book is available right here to purchase, or anywhere books are sold.  Teresa is available for speaking engagements nationwide, hosts posy parties, and all sorts of other book related events.  Learn more about her and see her schedule of events on her website,

Dawn Mayer, lead designer + studio manager

Dawn is a flower guru, and has been designing spectacular flower arrangements for over 15 years.  She began her floral career in Carmel Valley, and moved over to Santa Cruz to work with Teresa, and has been with Bonny Doon Garden Company for more than 11 years now.  Teresa and Dawn make a seamless team, producing everything from daily deliveries to grand events together.  Dawn's eye for details, colors, and textures are her exceptional gift, and when you see her flower arrangements you are immediately taken aback by the talent and gracious beauty.  Her aesthetic is what every designer yearns to accomplish; a cohesive, naturally beautiful composition.