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Signature Posies

Inspired by the Victorian-era language of flowers, a posy is a round bouquet of flowers and herbs that are chosen based on their meanings to convey a message, such as a rose for love, hypericum berry for protection, mint for warmth, hydrangea for happiness, and geranium for friendship.  

These floral poems are our founder and owner, Teresa Sabankaya's signature designs, and she offers them for local Santa Cruz and nationwide delivery.


The gift of a posy is a concrete way to show your love for someone and attaching a keepsake sentiment tag that lists each flower and its meaning ensures that, even after the arrangement has faded, the recipient can continue to cherish the gesture.  

In Teresa's book, The Posy Book, she introduces readers to the history of the language of flowers, and share step-by-step instructions for making posies, floral recipes for more than 20 bouquets, and an extensive modern floral dictionary.