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  • Going home

    Going home

    The CZU Lightening Complex Fire broke out less than 1 mile from our home and studio in the Santa Cruz Mountains. We woke up August 18th to car horns and...

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  • Flower delivery in Santa Cruz, for...

    Dear Flower Friends, I'm back in the studio with a quick little note <3  If you haven't noticed we LOVE flowers! There are so many reasons....shape, color, fragrance and texture....

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    Flower delivery in Santa Cruz, for any occasion
  • Go calibrate yourself

    Go calibrate yourself

    Find some time, and make it a necessary part of your like to sit quietly in nature. By sitting quietly I mean just be by yourself, and not with your...

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  • Your Santa Cruz Florist: New in...

    Hello flower friends! I'm back in the studio and the garden is bursting! As I'm writing to you from our desk overlooking the garden, and I am overwhelmed with gratitude. ...

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    Garden style floral designs
  • Online Flower Delivery

    Online Flower Delivery

    Things played out in a way that helped us situate ourselves in the best way possible for the upcoming pandemic.  When we moved back into our studio in the Santa...

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