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Your local florist; happenings and early spring blooms

Written by Teresa Sabankaya


Posted on January 29 2019

What's your local florist, BDGC up to?

After weeks of much needed rain, the skies are clear...a nice break. Something about the air after heavy rains, everything seems rejuvenated, cleansed and awake. Including your very own local florist! We're feeling inspired for the New Year with lots of exciting happenings on the horizon.


The biggest, most exciting news is Teresa's book is coming out May 7th, 2019! The Posy Book is now available for pre-sale on Amazon. We're beyond proud of our Teresa, and can't wait to party like it's 1999 to celebrate her book release!!! Keep an eye out for fun events and book signings to come!


The shop is busting with classic favorites and early spring blooms gracing us with their presence. Your local florist has you covered!

TULIPS!!! The season is short, but oh so sweet with these one of a kind, ever growing beauties. You can find growers bunches in store organically grown in Aptos by Thomas Farm while supplies last! 

Gardenias!!! You don't really need words for these exquisite blooms, gardenias are special for a lot of people and speak for themselves with their undeniable, intoxicating scent. We have bunches available year round grown by Kitayama Brothers in Watsonville. They make a perfect gift, or for a lot of our customers, a weekly treat for themselves!

Protea Bouquets!!! Grown and arranged by Resendiz Brothers who specialize in growing exotic South African and Australian flowers in Fallbrook, Ca, these beauties feature Queen Proteas or Pincushions mixed with unusual greens and leucadendrons, each a little different in variety and texture.  Our longest laster to brighten up your home for weeks!    


New in the cooler:

Anemone's, ranunculus, helleborus, oh my! These to me represent spring to come, the bounty of blooms we will have to choose from...these headliners are starting the show.  

Next up: Valentine's Day!!!

Only a couple weeks away, we're preparing for the super bowl of the florist industry. We will be fully stocked with your flower needs as well as local artisan gifts. Beautiful hand made jewelry from Salt California, hand poured candles from Ginger June Candle Co, our signature Posy soap, lotion, body spray and bath bomb line, and much more! Don't single out the singles! Valentines Day can be for besties too, and we will sure have the perfect gift for your friends and loved ones.

And don't worry, we'll have our head supervisor Violet on quality control so you know your arrangement will be perfect!




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