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We are your special little flower shop in Santa Cruz

Written by Teresa Sabankaya


Posted on June 23 2021

We're going into our 23rd year of delivering beautiful, organic, and sustainable grown flowers throughout Santa Cruz, and nationwide too! It's humbling to know we've got clients that have been ordering from us for that long too.  And we've been at it just as long creating and installing extraordinary wedding flowers too.  And also just as humbling, most of these couples have become our long-time clients and friends too.  It's heartwarming, don't you think?  

flower shop santa cruz 

It goes without saying this past year has been a little frayed along the edges.  To say the least!  As a business, we're surviving and even thriving in some areas.  The wedding inquiries and bookings are heading upward, and the events that we've had to cancel, and cancel again are finally coming into fruition.  It's going to be a busy busy latter half of the year for us!  All these folks tying the knot now that they are able to gather and share their nuptials among family and friends. And we get to flower it! Yay!

Daily flower deliveries keeping us on our toes too.  It's always a pleasure to get a call asking if we can deliver flowers and a good sound when we hear our website orders coming in.  These are the things that sustain us, and we are so very grateful to have your business.


Being a flower shop in Santa Cruz can be challenging.  There are a hefty amount of order takers-type flower companies outbidding spots on the internet search engines, and we cannot compete with that. All the more reason we love when you call us and order online for us to deliver our gorgeous flowers to.  Thank you!  Without these orders, we wouldn't be here, so really, thank you.  We love being referred to by you all as 'your special little flower shop in Santa Cruz', and we hope we'll always remain that way.


And finally, I am so elated that this year, for the first time since we began our business, we are growing over 60% of what we're putting into our beautiful floral designs!  SWEET!  I love it!  It's why I started the business after all.  Using our own spectacular and highly boutique garden blooms make our arrangements stand out in the crowd.  They are relatable, delectable and special.  They are one of a kind, and we love making these flower designs for you Santa Cruz!


Thanks for reading, we're just keeping in touch, and keep 'em coming!



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