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Love's Truest Language

Written by Teresa Sabankaya


Posted on January 30 2020

Flowers are Love's truest language; they betray, like the divining rods of Magi old, where precious wealth lies buried, not of gold, 
But love—strong love, that never can decay!

Park Benjamin, Sr.

As Valentine's Day approaches, we're reminded of this quote. However strong we may be, once love seeps into your heart, you become it's captive. We'll do anything for love, and there is no better way to convey your love than with flowers.

Valentine Flowers

As a florist, it's the big kahuna of holidays. We love it for so many reasons; well, it's a beautiful thing--creating gorgeous flower arrangements that you know some lucky person will hold hold in their hands, their hearts forever. A token of love. Love's purest and truest language---flowers. And we see lots of smiling faces (and we see desperate ones too!), and a few worried, and most of all, we see faces that are reminiscing of their 'smitten' others. The ones they love with all their heart.

The Posy Book

The Posy Book is available to purchase as a wonderful add-on item to a posy, or on it' own too.  It is a threefold book with beautiful inspiration, simple and clear instructions on how to make your own posies, and a comprehensive reference of a modern flower dictionary. The New Language of Flowers dictionary is a reference we can all relate to, and it makes it easy to find flowers you can use for everyday sentiments such as You're Awesome!, or special occasions, such has Happy Birthday, and of course, You are My Valentine.

Time to up your game!

Are you looking to 'up your game' when it comes to giving flowers? Let us show you how! We can make posies for you, or we an assist you in making your own! Giving flowers is always a good idea, but imaging when you give a posy! A bouquet of flowers that are chosen for their meanings in the language of flowers. It's time to level up! No other form of conveying a message of love, attraction, care and charm and so much more can compare to giving your sweetheart a posy!

Call us, shop online or stop by today, and let us help you win hearts this Valentine's Day!

Remember, we deliver flowers & gifts throughout the Santa Cruz area, as well as nationwide.




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