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Order flowers to be delivered with confidence

Written by Teresa Sabankaya


Posted on November 16 2018

Garden Style arrangements you can trust

Hello fellow flower lovers! Do you order flowers to be delivered knowing you're loved one will receive an artfully arranged, locally sourced floral design? Here at Bonny Doon Garden Company, we can assure you that our designs come with many years of passion, expertise, and LOTS of experience. We take pride in our local, lush, garden style arrangements. We have been hand delivering our blossom filled beauties with thoughtful intention since 1999. We see each order as a work of art, as a great chef see's his food. You can taste their passion, and you can see ours. From the beginning we have gathered our inspiration from the garden, redwoods, ocean....all our surrounding beauty.

A new world in flowers 

Oh, how times have changed in the floral industry since I started this adventure 20 years ago! There is a HUGE uprising of talented floral designers/farmer florists popping up everywhere. We live in progressive times, (maybe our leaders in Washington will catch on at some point) people are genuinely interested in creating products in sustainable, mindful ways. The New York Times has recently put out a few stories on the everchanging floral industry, Instagram is exploding with new and wild designs. It's an exciting time for our industry, especially with the Slowflowers movement working to eliminate the need of imported flowers and creating a community of like minded florists and farmers.

Design Aesthetic: Staying true to our roots

As I scroll through my Instagram feed, consisting mostly of floral images I contemplate my own aesthetic. I'm not one to personally follow trends, so my first instinct is to rebel! I think we all know how dangerous comparison is on social media, so it's important to remember your truth, your foundation, and in the end what gives you joy de vivre. I'm learning to take inspiration from these images rather than compromising my roots as a designer: lush, textural garden style arrangements. Still taking wisdom from world renown designers like Paula Pryke, and discovering new up and coming designers. Full circle, we are in this together!

We don't have to be trendy to be beautiful.....we can be ourselves, whatever our brand is :)  And I really love our branded style, it's what our customers like you have grown to love!




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