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Online Flower Delivery- we’ve got what it takes

Written by Teresa Sabankaya


Posted on July 15 2019

Order takers and boxes of old stems
The words online flower delivery can conjure up some lousy images of flower arrangements and stories of disappointment in the world of flower delivery.  When you need to send a flower arrangement that shows you care and that you have put some thought into selecting the best online flower delivery available, it can sometimes be a little confusing on which vendor and offering is best suited to your needs.  For many years this section of the flower business was always typically risky and every time you’d order online you really never knew exactly what you’d get.  But, we’ve come a long way, and nowadays, you’re in luck!
Why Bonny Doon Garden Company?

There are quite a few good sources of online flower delivery out there, but let’s start with us because we know a thing or two about this. We’ve been doing this for 20 years...way back when it wasn’t cool, or even thought about for that matter—to source your flowers locally and make gorgeous arrangements with them!

We have always offered 1) top-notch design aesthetic, 2) local, organic and sustainable grown flowers, 3) local and nationwide delivery of these flowers, and 4) and really good customer service.  How do we do this?  For our local, greater Santa Cruz area delivery, we strive to source the best of the best of our local flower farms.  It has taken us 20 years to develop our relationships with local flower farmers, and guess what? We’re still doing it! We’re lucky enough to be referred to as the Slow Flowers Pioneers—-which basically means we’ve been using locally grown cut flowers for a really long time, starting with our very own cutting gardens located in Bonny Doon, California.  What this means to our customers is that they can always count on that fresh cut look, longevity, fragrance, and our signature garden-style design aesthetic they’ve come to know and love.

Choosing the right platform and alliances

But how do we do this nationwide?  Again, we’ve spent many years fine-tuning our florist-to-florists’ relationships. We have successfully aligned ourselves with some very impressive platforms to assure our customers who send flowers nationwide and even internationally are guaranteed impressive floral design, the same quality customer service, and yes, sourced locally in that region. It’s been a very, very, long and sometimes tedious process.  Setting all this up with our desired platform, ones we would want to align ourselves with hasn’t always been easy. But we did it!  Here are the affiliates that show our customers the same loyalty and devotion as we do, and we appreciate them for it!  We’ve worked hard to assure our customers a positive experience when using online flower delivery.

B Brooks Fine Flowers-  nationwide and international delivery from boutique and indecently owned florists

BloomNation- nationwide platform for local and non-affiliated florists

Slow Flowers- an online directory of flower professionals committed to sourcing local, American grown flowers  

Ready to order your flowers?  Check out our current ‘menu’ of offerings.  If you don’t see what you like, or don’t want to order flowers online, then just give us a call or send an email—we’ll make it just the way you’d like.  And that’s the beauty of a local, independently owned flower shop! Shop online



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