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Online Flower Delivery

Written by Teresa Sabankaya


Posted on May 27 2020

Online Flower Delivery

You could say we sensed it, yes. Things played out in a way that helped us situate ourselves in the best way possible for the upcoming pandemic.  When we moved back into our studio in the Santa Cruz Mountains last fall, revved up our flower growing efforts (planted 600 new Dahlia for instance!), and remodeled our website, I think we were a step ahead in getting ready for our new normal way of doing business.

I've always tried to focus on e-commerce with a website built for online flower delivery, but with a retail location it took away the time needed to fine-tune our website for the ultimate, streamlined online flower delivery system.  Now that we've got the retail storefront closed-up, we've been able to offer our customers a new way to order our flowers and gifts. We so thrilled and happy with our spiffy new website!  It's been challenging in many ways, but it's settling down as we get the kinks out.  And yes, we're selling more flowers online!  We're delivering our locally grown flowers and artisan-made small batch language of flowers home and body gifts, and shipping our posies all over the country!

I know you've heard me say it before, but I'm saying it very grateful we are to be able to still be working during this challenging time.  Amidst all the uncertainty and hardships, we are still here.  And I get a feeling daily that we're needed too.  These past few months have anchored my sense that flowers truly do give solace to us.  They bring joy, happiness, and give us a moment of reflection.  They calibrate our souls.

We're ready when you are.  Buy our flowers online and for delivery throughout Santa Cruz and nationwide as well.

Take good care!

Have I mentioned how much we love the light in the studio? Just look at it!  We were so starved for this inside the grocery store we were for years, without the ability to capture our gorgeous flower arrangements going out on delivery.  Now, I cannot stop snapping photos!

A gorgeous posy that we shipped to a lucky recipient.  Did you know we can ship any message out by using the language of flowers?  Just order a 'bespoke' posy from our website and tell us your message, or occasion in the notes, and we'll do the rest!

See that building in the background? That's the studio!  Not too bad a view, right?  We would love to show you around and share our beautiful gardens with you someday soon.  What our website/newsletters/social media for announcements for upcoming small gatherings we'll call 'design days'.  



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