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Mother's Day is right around the corner!

Written by Dawn Mayer


Posted on April 23 2022

Hello Flower Friends! Mother;s Day is coming up, time to get your flower orders in! Mother's Day is probably my favourite holiday with the bounty spring has to offer, showing off her fleeting yet best offers, it makes the Mother's Day bouquet that much more special. Only the best for our mama's, right?!! A beautiful, local flower arrangement is a token of appreciation for all that Mother's do, when sometimes words are not enough. I mean, she carried us in her womb and brought us to life on this beautiful planet-nurtured our little bodies and raised us to the best of her ability. Damn! She deserves flowers everyday! 

Pictured: Mom's Luxe Floral Urn-limited supply!
Sending local flowers also supports the Mother of all Mother's, Mother Earth who is the best teacher of nurture, compassion and sustainable beauty. It's a win win situation :) Give us a call to place your custom order, or visit our Mother's Day offerings on the Website today! We look forward to creating for your Mama's 
I'll leave you with a poem from a beautiful book my own Mama brought me to read while I heal from my knee injury, it sums up what Mother's mean to me <3
this is the recipe of life
said my mother
as she held me in her arms as i wept
think of those flowers you plant
in the garden each year
they will teach you
that people too
must wilt
in order to bloom
-rupi kaur 



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