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Meaningful flowers for Mother’s Day

Written by Teresa Sabankaya


Posted on April 27 2019

THE SPRING BLOOM BOX For quite some time now, we have been thinking about what places us apart from other flower shops. After a long and sometimes painful examination, we’ve come to the conclusion that we’re just ordinary florists, flower growers, floral designers that adore flowers. And we arrange them in a way that we find appealing, and also that we believe others find appealing as well.  Timeless floral design is what we’ll call it.  Something that everyone relates to. And also for the upcoming holiday, Mother’s Day flowers artfully arranged and delivered.

We don’t have any fancy or trendy styles, and we don’t have 1 million instagram followers either.  But, what we do have is a standard that we uphold.  We depend greatly on our flower delivery orders throughout Santa Cruz, and what we put out there needs to be consistent. So, rather than focus on trendy styles, we focus on timeless elegance. Simply gorgeous flowers, artfully arranged and delivered.

As Mother’s Day rapidly approaches on May 12th, we’ve decided to simplify our floral designs that we’re offering for Mother’s Day flower delivery and moving forward. We have come to realize that when folks want to send flowers,  they want an arrangement that is fresh, beautiful and ‘relatable’.  We cannot get all trendy and try new things with our arranging style.  So, here are our current newly photographed (you like the clean aesthetic?  We do!) floral designs we’re offering from our web site. Just in time for the Mother’s Day flower delivery hustle and bustle!






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