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Looking for our flower shop in Santa Cruz?

Written by Teresa Sabankaya


Posted on March 09 2020

Flower Shop Santa Cruz

It's been a few months now since we closed our store in Santa Cruz, and we are thoroughly enjoying time back in our studio!  But, we are also super excited about our new 'model' of getting our products out in the public, and that's our Posy Pop-Up located inside Buttercup Cakes--1411 Pacific Ave.  Yes, we've come FULL circle and back downtown Santa Cruz where it all began, and just a few steps from the little kiosk where we were 20+ years ago.  

Being a Santa Cruz florist, we have to stay up on the game, so opening up our pop-up downtown was probably a good move for us.  We are loving it!  And can you think of a better combination than cupcakes and flowers?  And the aesthetic inside Buttercup is right up our alley too! So we are still your go-to flower shop in Santa Cruz!  We've just down scaled a little bit, offering the products that we know you love...our fabulous bucket bouquets, novel language of flowers gift, including our famous posy soaps, lotions, bath bombs, plants, succulent gardens, etc.  We've got some new things to offer in in the pipeline too! 

So, you can still shop in person at your favorite Santa Cruz flower shop, but you can also shop online from our spiffy new website. Our new site enables us to sell all of our products--not just the flowers, and ship anything nationwide! Check it out and receive 20% off your entire order!  Use code 1F5MWKX5FV81 at checkout.



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