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Flowers Make Things Better (and prettier!)

Written by Teresa Sabankaya


Posted on November 06 2020

Let's make holidays this year one of the best.  Good friends, family, good food--and lots of ZOOM gatherings!  It's ok, we can do this! Zoom or not, flowers are here to make these times a little easier.  In fact, there is no better time to send flowers!  Times like these, we need to make extra effort to show we care, we love, and we miss our times together.  I'm sure you've planned, or at beginning to plan out how Thanksgiving and Christmas will work this year.  

We are here to help ease the pangs of separation. Flowers speak volumes, literally.  Whether it's one of our designer choice arrangements designed to your specifications, a Thanksgiving or Holiday Centerpiece, or a gorgeous Posy, a garden-inspired bouquet that tells a story in the language of flowers, we are here to help you send off the very best in the business.  And we have beautiful botanical oriented gifts for literally everyone!

First up though, is The Thankful Posy.  Imagine sending a beautiful flower arrangement that comes complete with a sentiment card that beautifully describes the flowers and their meanings?
Well here it is, The Being Thankful Posy. Perfect for tour own home decor, sending to those special friends and relatives you’d love to be with but can’t, or to bring along as a host or hostess gift. This Posy highlights and conveys the overall sentiments and all the feels of Thanksgiving-- love, family, hope, and togetherness.  Nothing will replace a posy when it comes to conveying special messages.

Being Thankful PosyBeing Thankful Posy Sentiments shop Online for the Being Thankful Posy—available for local Santa Cruz delivery and nationwide shipping




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