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Going home

Written by Teresa Sabankaya


Posted on September 05 2020

The CZU Lightening Complex Fire broke out less than 1 mile from our home and studio in the Santa Cruz Mountains. We woke up August 18th to car horns and a ball of fire roaring up the San Vincente Canyon toward our neighborhood in Bonny Doon. Honesty, I don’t remember much after that for the next few days.  My husband stayed behind to help fight the fire and save our home.  This is probably why I don’t remember much as I was drowned with worry.  He became diligent in clearing brush, low-lying trees, and dry grass all around the perimeter of our 12 acres.  Hot, grueling work, but he always came down the mountain to get cell service and call me to check in.  I know I speak for my entire family, and Dawn too when I say we are so very, very happy that we have a home, garden, and flower studio to return to.

Today I woke up and immediately went down to the garden.  I felt sorry and elated at the same time.  I am so saddened by the loss my friends have suffered.  I am so happy and grateful that God spared our home, our gardens, and our beautiful flower studio.

 Castle House

Next week, we will be back open for business.  For every single thing I sell for the next 30 days, I will be giving a portion of those sales back to the community.  Our hope is that somehow our donations will ease the pain, help to rebuild and help to shed light and love on those who’ve not only lost their homes, but their home-based businesses too. I am so happy that I have my garden and business to be able to help do this.  I hope you’ll join me in the efforts by shopping online, or give us a call (9-11 am phones are open).  We can deliver flowers throughout Santa Cruz, as well as wire nationwide.  We can also ship our home and body language of flowers products nationwide.

We are so excited to get back into the studio, and we thank you so much for your patronage!



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