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Go calibrate yourself

Written by Teresa Sabankaya


Posted on July 05 2020

Find some time, and make it a necessary part of your like to sit quietly in nature. By sitting quietly I mean just be by yourself, and not with your phone or computer. You can be on a walk, sitting on a park bench, taking a 10 minute break in a small patch of grass behind your office building. It doesn’t matter. As long as you’re disconnected from society and all it’s glorious communicative devices. This is where you’ll hear yourself. Let it in—your soul and it’s messages of hopes, fears, grief, desires, uncertainty, and even elated joy. I believe this all gets suppressed in the pace of our day to day living. Sitting quietly in a place of nature is where you’ll realize that your ‘insides’ need to be heard. And it’s when you sit quietly this happens. This is not meditating, I don’t really know what it is, but I know it works. It’s not prayer either, but I know that prayers and especially praying while in this state is incredibly enlightening and beautiful too. 
I always feel better after listening to what’s going on inside me. Whatever keeps coming into the forefront repeatedly, that’s what I need to sort out and work on. Grab that thing by the tail and ponder it. Soon enough you’ll begin to see ways around it, or through it more importantly. Then, little by little, start putting those things into action. It’s amazing how simple it really is. Maybe there is a name for this already—soul searching.  But I’ve always called it ‘calibrating’ my soul.  
My wish is for you to do this.  Regularly. Go sit in nature and calibrate yourself.



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