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Delivering Floral Beauty for 20 Years!

Written by Teresa Sabankaya


Posted on January 24 2020

Flower Delivery Santa Cruz

It wasn't until last summer I realized that I'd been doing this for 20 years!  Our little flower shop has been delivering local beauty for that long....and it seems impossible.  But here we are, and now in a brand new decade and new and inviting changes.  Being back in the studio has been fun, and now inside Buttercup Cakes and having a presence downtown again is super exciting!  Tripping over the dogs in the studio, and racing against the parking meters downtown are some new challenges too, but we'll settle into the new role with time. Ha!  Not sure about the parking meters, that's a never-ending challenge!

Through all this we're trying to keep up with the game of what makes our business tick and hum along, and that is daily deliveries.  It's so important that we keep our orders coming in!  This is a full-time job...more than a full time job!  Search engine optimization, keeping the website updated with fresh content, new and modernized offerings, etc.  The list goes on and on and it certainly keeps us on our toes!  I'm excited about our new and upcoming revamped website that should launch around the 1st of February.  Just in time for Valentine's Day flowers! And designing new arrangements has been fun--it always is, but now with garden right outside our door, it's been so refreshing!  We are truly garden-inspired and having the amazing selection of greenery, different vines, trees, herbs, and so much more have had an interesting effect on our design styles.  We're seeing and feeling more connection with our aesthetic from 20 years ago now.  This is full circle now, and in so many ways.  I wanted to share some sneak peeks at some of the new stuff we're offering on the new site -


Delivery of flower arrangements in Santa Cruz, and this especially!  Citrine is more than likely going to be a best seller for us.  It has GARDENIA in it!  AND it has grevillea too, and just look at those sweet garden sprays!  I just love the softness of the citrus palette.  

Rosemary Rhapsody

Oh, hello-there-miss-Rhapsody!  Can you even stand it?  You should smell this thing!  I delivered one of these floral arrangements to an office last week and the minute I walked in with it I heard gasps!  This is a breathtaking composite of Gardenia, Narcissus, Anemone, huge Garden roses--and Rosemary wrapped! This is available for flower delivery in Santa Cruz only, and cannot be shipped nationwide, but, we can wire out something similar if you need to send flowers to anywhere else in the country.  

One of the most exciting things about our new website is that we're going to be able to ship our language of flowers products nationwide!  Yay!  And we're going to be able to take your order for nationwide flower delivery too via our b brooks fine flower network!    I have been wanting this function for many, many years, and it's super exciting that we're finally there!  

So, check back with us often as our menu of offerings expands, and that includes classes, garden workshops, and of course, book events!



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