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Cupid's Bow is Coming! And Your Flowers Delivered for Valentine's Day

Written by Teresa Sabankaya


Posted on February 02 2021

Valentine Flowers are a part of a very deep, long, and sometimes convoluted history.  No one actually really knows for sure how this holiday started, but we know it stemmed from St. Valentine and his love letters, in which he signed 'your Valentine'.  So, the holiday is always associated with love, sweethearts, heart-pounding infatuations, and FLOWERS!

There is no better way to say I love You than with flowers. They simply cannot be beat.  And, we have been doing Valentine's Day long enough now to know what's good and wins hearts every single time.  Traditionally, messages were sent via flowers---yes, the language of flowers, and we've got our Valentine Posies ready for that.  Just look at our lineup!

And if you want a different approach, we are ready to design a floral arrangement of your choice to deliver for Valentine's Day.  Shop online for our Designer's Choice for a unique, lovely, and locally grown flower arrangement.

And by the way, what does cupid and his bow have to do with this holiday? It turns out that in Roman mythology, Cupid was the son of Venus, goddess of love and beauty. Our little cupid was known for shooting arrows at both gods and humans, causing them to fall instantly in love with one another. How clever!

In any case, check out our Valentine Collection, in which we have taken all the guesswork out of deciding what to send your love, your sweetheart, your lustful partner for this love-filled holiday!  Shop our collection here!





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