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A stroll through the garden with The Language of Flowers

Written by Dawn Mayer


Posted on April 10 2021

Hello flower friends! We have been busy little bees in the studio and are so grateful for all the flower delivery orders coming in! I don't have to tell you how many challenges we have all faced in the past year, and we're over the moon with all of the support we have been receiving, through all of it. Being back in the studio overlooking the gardens, has allowed us complete creative freedom and endless inspiration. What inspired me this past week was taking my knowledge of The Language of Flowers (still learning from Teresa's book!) with me to the garden. It's already a magical place on it's own but when you walk past a certain flower or herb that has a particular meaning, it can be very moving and even healing to the soul. I'll share a few examples of flowers that "spoke" to me this week:

Geranium Flower; peace of mind

Yes, please! We could all use this sentiment, multiple times a day even! Just look at those dainty little white flowers, whispering peaceful impressions :)

Cestrum, Night-blooming Jasmine; transient beauty 

This beauty is just passing through, reminding me that most things are temporary and to truly appreciate the here and now. 

Rosemary; devotion, fidelity, remembrance, wisdom, commitment, intellect, healing balm, constancy, stimulates healthy thinking and promotes well being, your presence refreshes, good faith

Wow! This amazing herb has a lot to say. I particularly resonate with the remembrance sentiment when I see and or smell Rosemary. I really do believe it to take you back in time.....

Peony; hands full of cash, welcome, compassion, happy marriage and happy life, aphrodisiac, hardiness, beautiful shame, anger, a frown, heaviness

Our first Peony bloom of the season! And what a drama queen with those sentiments! 

Fern; fascination, sincerity, magic, shelter

I am appropriately fascinated with ferns. I love seeing them pop up this time of year on the side our mountain roads, paired with tall mossy trees it's certainly magic! I also associate ferns with shelter. When we were evacuated from the fires for almost a month, my potted ferns were toast when we arrived back home. Within a week of watering they came back stronger then ever and are thriving. It's like a metaphor for how strong and resilient our community was and is from the devastation of the CZU fires. 

Hellebore, Christmas Rose, Lenten Rose; relieve anxiety, protection against calumny, a beautiful year ahead, wit

I saved the best for last, my personal all time favorite flower. This winter blooming babe is spot on with her sentiments too!

So, you see a walk in the garden can be so much more when the flowers are speaking to you :) You can share these beautiful sentiments too, by ordering one of our custom Posy's to relay the message you would like to convey. Or you can even create your own! Click shop, or call 831-421-0975 and get yours today!



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